Following is a synopsis of all the credits and acknowledgements used in AMG (this will be updated accordingly as game development progresses):


Most of the scripts have been tweaked or modified to integrate into the Ars Mechanicum system. The following are accredited:

Companion Wulf

  • Character Bio/Profiles/Info Script
  • Critical Hit Flash Screen 1.1
  • Increase/Decrease Parameters Scriptlet
  • Draw Outline/Draw Shadow Scriptlets
  • Extra Stats Window (Unfinished)
  • MMORPG Styled Body Status Profile Script


  • Alignment System

KGC (Translated: Mr. Anonymous)

  • Categorize Skill
  • Equip Extension
  • Extended Equip Scene
  • Item Categorization

Modern Algebra

  • Advanced Text System (ATS) 3.0c
  • Damage Popup
  • Paragraph Formatter
  • Quest Journal
  • Website Launch From Title


  • Chest Item Pop-Up 2 1.0


  • Achievements 4.0 Beta


  • Slanted Menu Bars


  • YEM New Battle Stats
  • YEM System Options
  • YERD Victory Aftermath

Credits Script

  • Edits by Mac Malone (Dr.?) & MiDas
    XP Version: Original Author Unknown

Additional Credits & Acknowledgements

  • Charbel Ramy/Claimh/Sojabird • Bonus Effects
  • Yanfly • YEM Scene Menu Redux


Companion Wulf

Corwin de RPGmxp Studio II
Part of “Le plus grand Album de la Francophonie

  • Title/Credits Graphic
  • Dragon Background (Menus)
  • Dragon Background (Extra Stats Window)
  • Threefold (Intro)

Free Maya Video Tutorials

  • 3D Body and Hand Models (Status)

Wings of The Dragon – Website

  • Character Profile Images

Music & Sound

These may be subject to change at any stage, as some may require permission to use first. I may also decide at a later point that some are inappropriate.

Celestial Aeon Project – URL: Website

  • Burn Them Down

Kevin MacLeod – URL: Incompetech – Royalty Free Music

  • Achaidh Cheide
  • At Rest
  • Dangerous
  • Truth of The Legend

Sound Dogs

  • Bar/Tavern Sound Effects

Additional Thanks & Acknowledgements

These are websites or people who have encouraged, inspired, helped and supported me throughout the project.

My Wife

   For her unswerving support throughout and faith in me, and for just being there!

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